Every time has it´s individualists and individualists form their time. And individualists are formed by their time, like the DINOSAURS shown here.

In real life they are artists or persons attached to art. Tamara Starl-Latour calls them DINOSAURS because they represent a species condemned to extinction in their battle for individuality against uniformity. They should be under legal protection. But naturally it is to be expected that their species will disappear, till they are gone forever.

You can see these DINOSAURS as documents but also as reflection: they are antipodes of their time, mirroring it´s specifics in detailed form, and this explains the  importance of their individualism.

Individualism has to be defined over again, over again to be fought for, since the surrounding is changing rapidly. Each time needs it´s DINOSAURS.

Naturally DINOSAURS may seem strange, sometimes a bit tragic. In any case admirable in their unbendingness.

It would take more than one lifetime to portray them all. Tamara Starl-Latour has to work with a limited selection. She has started out with persons from her own country, Austria, in the meantime others as well, a chronicle of resistance against unstrained levelling. Her choice does not follow any criteria of „importance“ by status, name, influence, wealth, but is devoted to one issue only, individuality.

Tamara Starl-Latour is continuing her work with optimism: DINOSAURS are fascinating and they will return, even when they have long been dead. Of course they do not need Jurrassic Park as base for their existence. The nightmares of a society, dull through conformity will do.