After years abroad, in the mideighties she returned to Vienna from the U.S.A. Tamara Starl-Latour had to detect her hometown again. Often she was gazing into an abyss. A lot of what she saw she had to digest through her work.

Von tote Taub`n<br><br>1986<br>Acryl / Leinen<br>100 x 70 cm

Edler Wiener<br><br>1986<br>Acryl / Leinen<br>100 x 70 cm

Kinderverzahrer<br><br>1987<br>Acryl / Leinen<br>120 x 100 cm

Especially those human abysses that were of interest to the artist had been described so pointedly by writers and contemporaries like H.C. Artmann or Helmut Qualtinger. In order to depict these topics Tamara Starl-Latour was looking for new ways and means. Originally coming from Concept Art and Abstraction she found a way to her typical narrative-figurative-abstract painting style. This way she could treat these themes without plump meanness or nastiness. Instead the „stories“ were told with often hidden but certainly cutting humour.