From close up, a bit like in Georgia O'Keaffe's work.
The details are vastly enlarged on big canvas, and by perception and rendering by Tamara Starl-Latour they can be seen as new species maybe.

o.T. <br><br>1991<br>Öl / Leinen<br>70 x 50 cm  o.T.<br><br>1991<br>Öl / Leinen<br>70 x 50 cm  o.T.<br><br>1992<br>Öl / Leinen<br>80 x 60 cm  o.T.<br><br>1992<br>Öl / Leinen<br>160 x 100 cm  o.T.<br><br>1992<br>Öl / Leinen<br><br>160 x 120 cm